Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Month in Review: JULY (Travel, Wedding, Beauty, Day-to-Day)

Today I'll be sharing the rest of the photos from my trip: travels, day-to-day life, special events and some beauty things! (Sorry for the delay!)

Lake Winnipesuakee, New Hampshire: "Live Free or Die"

How cool is this totem pole-like tree?

I went paddle boarding for the first time ever and I loved it! Look at me being all adventurous haha
I have to thank my Aunt for paddle boarding with me because I know I wouldn't have tried it alone!

After spending some much needed time in nature with my aunt and uncle, amongst the pine trees & the extra crisp air, we headed to Brooklyn, NY to see my brother and girlfriend's sweet new pad. Yes, I just said "sweet new pad" and I feel fine about that. There really is no other way to describe it.
While I generally don't consider myself a city person (not a big fan of Manhattan), I do LOVE Brooklyn and it's quaint, old-fashioned neighborhood feel. 

Backyards in BK

 Rooftop views

Oh hey, Manhattan.

Walking the streets of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, I noticed that each and every building has such character!

Even the fences are unique! 
This fence I have dubbed as The "Fruit Stripe" Fence. 

Back home, I enjoyed our beautiful patio full of colorful flowers...

Another cool thing about being in the country is that you have neighbors that have horses...and donkeys! 
Well, one donkey. 

 What do you call a donkey that's not yours?
Nacho is the donkey's name...

My last weekend in the US, I headed down to Baltimore to celebrate the wedding of one of my college friends! 
It's always so much fun to be reunited with good friends!

Congratulations, Jess & Brian!

Now for some beauty related things I loved while on vacation...

When I was in Sephora shopping for some skincare essentials, I came across this Golden Glow Booster from Clarins and I remembered hearing some beauty gurus on YouTube talking about it. I was pleasantly surprised by the price (It's $30 which, to me, seems cheap for Clarins), so I decided to pick it up. I was in desperate need of a facial tan and this seemed like the way to go. Basically you mix a couple of drops in with your moisturizer and wake up glowing! I'm thrilled with the results, and since you only need a few drops for each application, I know this is going to last me a long time, making it worth every penny.

Here I'm wearing one of my more daring lip colors: Roller Girl Lip Tar by OCC. I think this color is so fun and it's pretty impressive how long it lasts on the lips! I've seen online that they are changing the packaging of the Lip Tars to make them more user-friendly... all the more reason to stock up!

I also happened to have a good hair day that day, so I had to document it. ;-)

White nail polish has never been on my radar, but my Mom picked this one up for me from the new Essie collection so I gave it a whirl! Most opaque white polish I have ever used. Staying power was also pretty good, considering it's Essie (I usually don't have much luck with Essie polishes; they chip almost instantly on my nails). 
Added bonus: While this is an opaque polish, it has a subtle micro-shimmer in it! You know I love me some shimmer.

And that concludes all things delicious, pretty and wonderful from my trip!
Hope you guys enjoyed this series!

Have a fabulous weekend! xx 


  1. Great pics

  2. Great pics! Brooklyn streets are really photogenic, I wish I could do one post there :) That paisley orange dress is so gorgeous, and your hair too!

    1. Thanks, Sanja! Brooklyn has such character! You could walk around for days snapping all kinds of cool photos!
      The dress is actually something that I bought years ago, kind of forgot about it in my closet and decided to give it another chance! I love how flowy & feminine it is. And one of my friends did my hair! I bought this cool new curling iron, but I still need to learn how to use it!

  3. I have always wanted to visit Brooklyn!!! I am not sure I would be a Manhattan fan either, but I feel like I would be right at home in Brooklyn. The view of those backyards is so cool... I am sure the neighbors are envious.

    1. I'm sure you would love it, Liz! I only ever go for a day at a time to visit my brother normally, so I know that there is still SO much more for me to see, but from what I HAVE seen, I can say that I love it. I also like the idea to be able to live in a bit of tranquility, but still see the Manhattan skyline from your rooftop.

  4. I love white nails too! what a fun month! I fell for Nacho the donkey

    Natalia | Lindifique

    1. Thanks for stopping by Natalia! How cute is Nacho?! He's definitely put ideas into my mind about adopting a donkey ;-)

  5. so glad you are having fun and had a good month! i always love your updates and thanks for the amazing comments as always :)

    1. Vacation was wonderful as always. I love hanging out at home with my family. Thanks for sticking around, Elle (even with my incredibly long blog hiatus)! It took me a while to get back to the daily grind again haha

  6. Lovely post.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks, Heidi! Glad you enjoyed my favorite photos from the month!

  8. Wow lovely photos and the place looks beautiful! Looks like you ladies had a great time! :)

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    1. Glad you enjoyed the highlights of my month! The wedding was super fun---always great to reunite with old friends!

  9. I'm wearing white shimmery nail polish right now too! :)

    Look at your paddle boarding! Go, girl!

    Brooklyn looks like such a fun spot! We'll be in Manhattan in a couple of weeks, but other than just a few minutes in Brooklyn, we're not planning to explore much there. Next time for sure! :)


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