Saturday, April 11, 2015

My On-and-Off Love Affair with Free People

I first discovered Free People when I was about seventeen. At that point in time, I'm not even sure if Free People stores existed or not because there wasn't a store near my house, but the Bloomingdales at my mall sold some Free People items. I remember my Mom bought me a few things.  I loved them because they were so different. Since I attended a private boarding high school where the majority of the students dressed preppy (and I was anything but preppy), I especially appreciated the bohemian, carefree, and somewhat whimsical feel of the clothing. At the beginning of my time in high school, I wore the plaid skirts and the collared shirts, but sometime around junior/senior year I had my fashion revolution, which I think was partly inspired by Mary-Kate Olsen. I was anti-prep. Instead, I was into shopping for vintage clothes on Ebay, going to my local consignment shop to find one of kind items, and loving Free People, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters. I liked the idea of combining unique patterns and different colors, and laced through it all, you could usually find a bohemian vibe in my outfits. Sometimes I think I went a bit over the top, but what fun is fashion if you can't play around with it? Ohhh, I wish I had those old photos with me so I could scan them and show them to you guys.

Then I went off to college and my love for Free People really blossomed (Ironically, the owner of Free People was an alum of my university). At that point in time, I would say that the majority of my clothes were from Free People. I was obsessed. After graduating college, I went off to work in Spain which had a huge influence on my personal style. I really embraced the Euro-style and backed off from the bohemian threads a bit. There's still a part of me that will always be a little bohemian, but now I think my style is a bit more urban & sophisticated (well, sophisticated for me) which, in my case, I can only attribute to living in the city (urban) and getting older (sophisticated).

Now when I visit Free People or browse their shop online, it's hit or miss for me. Either nothing catches my eye, or EVERYTHING catches my eye. This Spring I've been falling hard for many of their pieces. There are some things that I've been admiring for a month or so now. Sounds a little obsessive, right? But, as we all know, Free People ain't cheap! So I really take my time thinking about whether I really "need" a piece or not, no matter how much I love it.

I thought it might be helpful for me to post my favorite items here, and you guys can help me choose which ones I need in my wardrobe! While I used to be attracted to the most unique items in the store, now I'm on the hunt for things that I can wear multiple ways and pieces that I can wear for years and won't tire of them!

So, here's the roundup...

Comfy & Casual Lounge/Layering Sets:

Button-Up Shirts:

Simple Tops:

Dresses, Tunics, Rompers:

Antique White?

...Or Bali Blue?

Cardigans & Vests:

(All photos taken from Free People website)

So, tell me.....What do I need? And, what can I pass on?


  1. Ugh this is really difficult, I really love almost every piece. My favorites are the bamboo seamless set, the rayleigh shirt and the bad girl tunica. I hope you buy at least one piece and if I could be of any help, that would make me reaslly happy ;)
    Have a beautiful sunday,

  2. Free People is such a great brand! I love their stuff and I think your selection here is awesome, quite difficult to choose just a few of items! ;) I tried to boil them down to three but I couldn't help to add one more, haha. I loved the Electric Orchid Print Swing Tunic, the Ribbed Up Maxi Cardigan, the Ayu Dress (both colors are gorgeous but maybe Bali Blue makes your gorgeous eyes pop!) and the Paracute Brief Romper :) Hope that was helpful!!
    PS, I just replied to your lovely comment on last post <3

  3. Very cute pics.

  4. ooo living in Spain must have been wonderful- I can only imagine the beautiful experiences you've had! And free people always makes me want to cry a little over how expensive it is. Sometimes they have such amazing dresses and I can't even to begin to think I could afford them, haha! I especially love their shoes and summer dresses- all the ones you showed here are so adorable. Though I feel like you can always find cheaper versions of their tops and shorts. I feel like F21 will have $20 versions of them once May hits :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  5. Well Chrystin here are my picks I'd like to see you in: 1. Bamboo Seamless Slip Set, I think it would look great on you. 2.Now with your blonde hair, We the Free Lace Up Layering blouse with white jeans would be devine, love the color. Last but not least 3. The Ayu Dress is AMAZING and I would get it in both colors. Let me know what you get, I'll be anxiously waiting to see them on you in one of your blogs.

  6. they always have something i'd want! i love their makeup artist they use. she's amazing. thank you for always commenting on my posts!

  7. My love for FP has waned over the years due to their quality kinda going to hell. I definitely use them for relaxed tees and some of their dresses. I tend to hop back and forth between boho and streamlined minimalism, so I understand where you are coming from with your on again off again relationship. I also try to pick items that can fulfill both needs on most occasions. From your pics, I am a big fan of the Lace up Layering tee, the Ribbed Up Maxi cardigan (on my personal wish list too!), and the Orchid Print Tunic!

    That said, despite my love/hate relationship with them ($80 shirts should be durable!), I do have many classic, staple pieces from Free People! My Circle in the Sand tee, Big Dipper tee, Voile and Lace Trapeze slips, and Military Ruffle Twill jacket definitely get their money's worth. Also a fan of their denim cutoffs and halter bras which I live in come summer time.

    P.S. My vote is for Bali Blue. Oh, and thanks for reminding me that I need to decide what to buy with my birthday coupon next month!

  8. Goegrous outfits! Very inspiring!
    xo from Italy,
    Sonia Verardo

  9. I love all of these looks - but I always tend to go more towards the boho vibes :)



    My Closet Life Blog

  10. Great picks!! I love free people, I just honestly wish the price point was slightly lower. x)

    (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

  11. I love that Ayu dress! In both colors, but especially the white! So pretty!

  12. These outfits are all gorgeous! I would seriously wear all of them! This brand is serious!

    Jessica |


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