Sunday, August 3, 2014

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I was reading Style by Deb's most recent blog post yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! MIL GRACIAS, DEB! It makes me so happy that you enjoy reading and feel inspired by my blog! I always appreciate your thoughtful comments and look forward to what outfits you put together each week :-)  Deb's fashion blog, Style by Deb, is based out of Argentina, so I feel we have that special connection, even though Argentina is an enormous country!

So, now it is my turn to make some nominations & also share some interesting facts about myself!

The rules for participating in the "Very Inspiring Blogger Award" are as follows:

1.) Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you!
2.) Share seven facts about yourself.
3.) Nominate seven other blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they've been nominated.
4.) Display the award logo on your blog, and follow the blogger that nominated you (if you aren't already!)

Obviously this award is something just for fun, mostly to give recognition to the bloggers you find inspiring! Whether you find inspiration in lifestyle, fashion, beauty, food, or all of the above (as I do), now is the time to recognize those inspiring people and their blogs, and share that inspiration with others! Feel free to follow as many, or as little of the above "rules" as you'd like.  (I myself am not even following all of the rules exactly.)

SEVEN FACTS ABOUT ME (that you may not have known before!)

1.) In my life, I have lived in three different countries: United States, Spain and Argentina.

2.) I'm a Virgo, and fit the description to a "T." I enjoy reading horoscopes and often try to guess what zodiac sign a person is as I get to know them, or try to understand behavior of others according to their zodiac sign. 

3.) While I don't exactly believe in "love at first sight",  I can tell immediately if I click with someone, and within the first few weeks of meeting my husband, I knew he was the one. 

4.) I love animals, even though I spent most of my life being afraid of them. I think it would be amazing to start my own shelter one day.

5.) I'm obsessed with "reality" TV.  It really is my guilty pleasure, and pretty much the only television I watch. I'm sure my TV back in my old room in New Jersey is still set on the Bravo channel.

6.) I used to love to bake and hate to cook, but recently I have developed a love for cooking. I'm a foodie, so it was about time I took cooking into my own hands.

7.) I have quite a few places on my travel wish list, but my top two places (as of now) that I would like to visit are Japan and Scandinavia.

Are these facts interesting to you? They were honestly just some things off the top of my head this morning. I'm sure if I did this post another day, I would come up with seven different facts. 
Now, on to the nominations...

Once again, if you'd like to participate, please do! If not, no worries. I realize these types of things are not for everyone, and I also realize that free time is hard to find for some of us! Just know that I appreciate your posts, and keep up the awesome work! I really would love to hear about everyone's "about me" facts----I always find those so interesting!



  1. Great post xx

    Let's keep in touch? Follow for follow ? Like each other on facebook?

    Laura Macij

  2. Girl! You are so sweet! Thanks for nominating me for this! :)

    Also, I love that you have lived in three different countries! I think that is so neat! I've traveled a bit, but only lived in two countries. Who knows, maybe that number will grow someday! Oh, and I'm a leo... what does that mean about me?

    1. Of course! You deserve it!

      As a Leo, I would guess that you are ambitious, confident and generous!

  3. Hey there Chrystin, thank you so much for nominating me, I really appreciate that. Unfortunately I decided once, that blogger awards are just not for me and my blog "concept", so maybe you would like to nominate someone else instead?
    xx, Sarah

    1. I totally understand! I figured that some people might not want to participate, but I wanted to recognize their blogs anyway!

  4. Oh myy, thank you so much for nominating me... It means so much to me <3 I'm working on it right now!

    1. You're welcome! I'm so impressed by your talent in makeup artistry and I wanted to recognize that! xx

  5. Oh Chrystin! I'm so glad you enjoyed doing this!! I'm catching up on blogging today because i didn't have time these past days and I was curious to read about your 7 facts! I can see we share the same love for animals <3 Oh, and I didn't know you've lived in Spain. Would you say you handle the Spanish language after living in Spain and now living in Argentina?
    Once again, I loved reading this post and congrats on the award! ;)

    1. Hi Deb! I've been trying to do some blog "catch up" these past few days too. I'm disappointed that I have only been able to create a few posts a month for the past couple of months :-(

      As for my handle on the Spanish language...The Spanish that I learned in school, the Spanish I learned in Spain and the Spanish I learned in Argentina are three different kinds of Spanish, which means I had to do a lot of learning and RE-learning haha But I think I have a pretty good handle on the language--- my reading, listening and comprehension are all pretty good, but I have to say that my speaking is not the greatest (I'm sure my husband would tell you otherwise), but I personally don't think I speak very well. At the same time, I am a perfectionist so I am very hard on myself! I should make more of an effort to speak and write in Spanish....maybe from now on I will make it a point to write to you in Spanish! Starting's getting late now, and my Spanish brain only works between certain hours haha


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