Monday, April 7, 2014

Would you like some shimmer in your eye cream?

Whenever I am offered the option of shimmer or glitter, I always say yes. And I'm sure I always will say yes, no matter what age I am.

Anyway, after three years, I finally ran out of my Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. I should clarify that it didn't actually take me three years to use up the little jar; it really took about one year. The first two years, it sat on my vanity unused because I didn't need it! Then I hit my mid-twenties, and the crows feet came to party. Now I'm cursing myself for never wearing sunglasses.

So, I headed to Farmacity last week to see what kind of selection they had. It was limited, but there were good brands to choose from. I spotted this eye cream on the shelf mostly because it said "Nuevo" on the box, but also because the package was in an ombre-shimmering-blue color. I actually just threw out the box now (a week later) because it was that pretty. Since I have a picture, I figured I didn't need to keep the box, although the photo does not do it justice.

I really wasn't expecting for the eye cream to have shimmer. I actually didn't even notice until a few days after using it, when I looked at my hands after applying the cream and I had shimmery fingers. While I don't think it covers my dark circles, it definitely illuminates the under eye area and makes me look a little more awake, which helps me get through days when I don't feel like wearing concealer.

All in all, I really like the formula. It is moisturizing, but not greasy (meaning you can apply concealer on top of it without your concealer sliding off your face). As for the shimmer, I get that many people probably won't like that, but I do and I hope that Neutrogena ultra-light is here to stay!

What's the consensus? Would you ever buy an eye cream with shimmer?

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