Thursday, April 24, 2014

Food with Flavor

Last week I took Tomas out for dinner to celebrate his birthday. Since I know he loves hearty & spicy food, I thought that NOLA Buenos Aires sounded like the perfect place to take him. The atmosphere was warm & welcoming, the service was excellent, and the food was so delicious!! Tomas had been sick with a nasty cold, and for fear of having a coughing attack in the middle of the restaurant, we ate our food and left pretty quickly. But, we're still talking about the first course (it's now almost a week later) and I'm hoping we can get back there again to try even more yummy dishes!

Our meal consisted of four courses:

First Course ---Torta frita with ceviche, black beans, corn, and avocado (if I'm remembering correctly). It was AMAZING. I could have eaten about 6, easily. Anything with ceviche is a winner in my book.

Second Course: Gumbo!! I couldn't tell you what exactly was in it, but I can say that it was really hearty and had a great kick to it! It's refreshing to eat spicy food out at a restaurant in Buenos Aires.

Third Course: Braised Pork with grits and butternut squash puree with coconut milk
The pork was so tender and flavorful, and the butternut squash with the addition of coconut milk---amazing!! I have to say I was getting tired of all of the butternut squash puree we eat in Argentina, but the coconut milk totally renovates it!

As you can see, I started eating before I remembered to take a photo!

Fourth Course: Blueberry & Chocolate Tart
I ate the whole thing and completely forgot to take a photo! Sorry guys, sometimes there's just no time for photos. I don't think I've ever had a blueberry dessert that was mixed with chocolate before and I'm not sure why more desserts don't use blueberry and chocolate together---the perfect marriage of tart & sweet!

**If you are visiting Buenos Aires, I would add this to your restaurants-to-eat-at list. And if you live in Buenos Aires, this is the perfect spot to go for a unique experience with great food!

Oh gosh, now I'm hungry again. Take me back to NOLA ASAP.


  1. El second course me suena a un guiso, medio estofado, medio arroz en salsa.
    Muy buena pinta!!!
    If you like, i can suggest some cheap but "porteño" restaurants!!

    1. Toda era MUY rica!! El segundo paso era un guiso típico de New Orleans, USA. Muy sabroso y picante! Normalmente, trato de no comer carne, pero en este restaurant comi porque era una occasion especial. Cuales son tus restaurantes favoritos en Capital?



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