Sunday, March 30, 2014

*Twinkle Toes*

During my hibernation in the spare room yesterday, I decided to give myself a little pick-me-up pedicure. The iridescent pastel blue polish and the blue sparkle polish were calling out to me, so I went with my gut. Then, amidst all of the clutter, I found this foot jewelry. I must have bought this several years ago and I don't think I've ever worn it. When I bought it, I'm sure I pictured myself skipping through a meadow barefoot with foot jewelry. That day never came, so I decided to wear it yesterday while sitting at my computer. Not exactly a meadow-skipping scenario, but oh well.

And the polishes I used were:

L'oreal Color Riche in 601 French Riviera & Desseo in 156 Ocian (I used two coats of each).

What colors suit your fancy these days? Last week I was finding myself drawn towards reds, and this week it's light blues & nudes! And I have to say, I feel a purple moment coming on soon...

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