Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Garlic Update

Last week I posted that I was testing out the zit-zapping (for lack of a better description) garlic method. I was curious to see if garlic actually does work in clearing up breakouts. If you missed the post, you can check it out here. Now (about a week later), I am reporting back.

My garlic treatment went something like this:
Thursday: Garlic Treatment
Friday: Garlic Treatment
Saturday: Resting day
Sunday: Garlic Treatment
Monday: Resting day
Tuesday: Garlic Treatment

By Tuesday my skin was breakout free & looking great, so I stopped with the pressed garlic applications. Unfortunately, two days later my breakouts returned, so now I'm back on my garlic regimen again. I've been applying for two days now, and my face seems to be clearing up again. I really wasn't expecting to have to apply garlic to my chin every single day, but my skin will have it no other way it seems.

Just today I saw this post on Nouvelle Daily about skin-clearing herbal teas. I'm VERY intrigued. Have you ever heard of teas that are supposed to clear your complexion? If so, have you tried them? I'm always up for trying new beauty fixes, so if I can get my hands of any of these in Argentina, I will be snatching some up ASAP. I think a trip to the health food store is in the cards for me this week.

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