Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Stars, Stripes & My "Go-To" Boots

This was either pre- or post- tripping.
I can't remember which, but there was a trip involved.

Tomas takes the best candids, doesn't he?

New sweater, old jeans, old boots. I was actually looking down, admiring my boots in the subway and I turned to Tomas and said "Can you believe I've had these boots for 4 years?! Look at what great shape they are still in!" And just as I put my foot out to model their mint condition, I noticed the beginning of a hole....

All I'm asking from these boots at this point is to get me through this Fall/Winter season. Once I am back in the US in September, I can replace them with the only other boots that I think will fill the void of these......Doc Martens!

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