Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Because every adult household needs a bar...

...Or so I have read via several online sources.

Remember my post last week about our trip to the antique store, La Rueda? Well, our "new" furniture arrived on Saturday: a sofa & a bar! We're in love with our new pieces and did a fun, little photoshoot to showcase them in all their glory!

Hope you enjoy the photos!

^^A big thank you to Juanma for playing photographer!!

Slowly but surely, the house is coming together! As for the living room, all we need now is some art for the walls and a side table!


  1. I love those!!! They look so good. Who was taking the pictures of you two together...?

  2. Thanks Leigh!! Our friend Juanma took those photos! I just added that info now below the photos.
    And the antique bug has bit me... I'm just dying to go back to that store.


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