Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bath Time

What are your canine companion's thoughts on baths? Our pups despise fact, they avoid water at all costs. Agatha won't even let herself step in a puddle. Not sure if that's due to her hatred for touching water or if it's because she's such a classy lady.

Are some dogs just born loving water and others not? Does your dog enjoy taking a dip in the pool or crashing through the waves in the ocean? If so, did they always like water, or was this something you helped them get accustomed to? I'm curious! I would love it if my dogs actually enjoyed water, especially on those terribly hot summer days!

As you can see, Willy is not too pleased about having a bath. But afterwards he always feels refreshed and energized, running from one end of the apartment to the other, repeatedly. Well, if it makes him happy, it can't be that bad (That was a nod to Sheryl Crow's catchy tune.)

Please share your "dog vs. water" experiences in the comments section below!

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