Monday, February 3, 2014

My New Eau + My All-Time Favorite Fragrances

It’s been a while since I’ve found a fragrance that I’ve fallen in love with. And by a while, I mean a few years. Lately there just hasn’t been anything that’s catching my eye, or rather my nose. That is until I crossed paths with Florabotanica by Balenciaga. I first smelled this scent at Sephora, and just to make sure I loved it that much, I asked the sales associate for a sample to bring home and use for a few days. I find that I often smell a perfume in a store, think I like it, buy it and then get home and realize, "Oh, I don't really love this that much." I didn’t want to make the same mistake this time, which is why I asked for the sample. Using the perfume sample, day after day, I fell more in love and returned back to Sephora to purchase it.  No regrets.  In fact, I am going to add it to my all-time favorites list. This was always just a mental list, but then I figured "Hey, why not share it with you guys today?"

 (I couldn't decide how I was going to rank each one *because I love them all so much*, so I've decided to list them in alphabetical order.)

1.) Balenciaga ~~ Florabotanica

2.) Chloe ~~ Chloe Eau de Parfum 

3.) Emilio Pucci ~~ Vivara (This one was amazing. Unfortunately, I think it came out only as a Limited Edition in 2007).

4.) Jo Malone ~~ White Jasmine & Mint

5.) Jo Malone ~~ Orange Blossom

6.) Lollia ~~ Calm

7.) Philosophy ~~ Falling in Love

8.) Philosophy ~~ Pure Grace 

**I've also always liked Amazing Grace by Philosophy on others, but have never bought it for myself. I'm not really sure why, but now it's on my wish list.

9.) Tocca ~~ Cleopatra 

10.) Trish McEvoy ~~ Blackberry & Vanilla Musk

11.) Trish McEvoy ~~ Snowdrop & Crystal Flowers

At one time I really enjoyed sweet scents & strong, deep scents. I'm not so much into these kinds of fragrances anymore, but they are worth noting:

Sweet Scents:
1.) Pink Sugar ~~ Pink Sugar
2.) Jaqua ~~ Pink Buttercream Frosting (Ok, I still think this one smells absolutely amazing.)

Deep Scents:
1.) Dior ~~ Hypnotic Poison
2.) Thierry Mugler ~~ Alien  (This one I might have to revisit.)

I'm sure I must be forgetting to include some fragrances on the list. It's quite hard to recall all of my favorite perfumes since I first started wearing perfume at about the age of 12. 

What are your favorite fragrances? Do you have a signature scent or do you rotate your perfumes according to the season & your mood?

(Images from Sephora, Nordstrom,  Fragrantica & Lollia.)

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