Sunday, February 23, 2014

Celebrating One Year with Willy

Today marks the one year anniversary since we picked up Willy at the animal shelter, Proyecto 4 Patas.  He's come so far in one year, both in his health and his personal development, it's hard to believe he's the same dog! Tomas and I feel blessed to have two amazing dogs who, despite their pasts, are so sweet and lovable.

Since we don't know either Agatha or Willy's birthdate, we celebrate each "birthday" on the day we adopted them, and Willy's day was today! We spent the morning in the park, and in the afternoon it was time for birthday hats & pupcakes.

Yes, I am that person who's obsessed with their dogs. And no, I don't care if people think that's lame or weird. It's something only a dog-owner would understand, because believe me, I did not understand it before I had dogs of my own.

Not surprisingly, they hated their party hats, but it was all worth it for them in the end when they got to devour mini banana pupcakes w/ cream cheese frosting. Agatha stole two pupcakes off the plate in the blink of an eye, and Willy ended up licking a fallen frosting blob off of my leg. There's no shame in their game when pupcakes are involved.

Hope you enjoy the pics! There's also a video, but we're just gonna keep that one in the fam ;)

Morning at the park...

Party time....
You know you're having a productive day when you already have party hats made by 9am.
Somebody was being a party pooper...

Willy was a little bit of a better sport about it...

Not my best look, but seeing their reactions to their hats made me die of laughter.

The perfect party hat model

I'm usually not one to say this, but I know what Willy was thinking: YOLO.

This is where things took a turn, and they just started snatching what they wanted off the plate.
Fortunately, I was able to remove the candle just in time!

It was a lovely day for all of us, and luckily for Willy & Agatha, there are leftover pupcakes for tomorrow :-) .

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