Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend in San Nicolas

On Friday afternoon, Tomas and I packed our suitcase and headed up to San Nicolas for a weekend escape/belated anniversary trip. The ride up was pretty long because we hit a lot of traffic. I seem to keep forgetting that it's January and everyone is trying to escape the smoldering city of Buenos Aires.

It was probably just as hot in San Nicolas as it was in Buenos Aires, but we had a light breeze and a cool pool on our side, so it made the weekend MUCH more bearable. We spent a good portion of the weekend sleeping and relaxing by the pool. I love the pool. I could stay in the pool all day long. I feel like I've said the word "pool" so many times now in this post that it's lost all meaning.

Anywho, it was nice to have a mini vacation and  recharge our batteries. Although, I have to say that I am sick now. I could feel myself getting sick before we left for the weekend, but now this cold is here in full force. Maybe my body also knows that it's Monday and is exaggerating the cold. That's probably more likely (haha). I still can't understand why I have a cold in the middle of summer. Oh well, it was a wonderful weekend nonetheless! I'm already trying to plan our next weekend vacation ;)

Here are some photos from our weekend:

I found this peacock feather and felt the need to take several photos.
And there are even more on my camera that I didn't include.

There were some interesting animals there, which explains why I found a peacock feather on the ground.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the peacock up close and personal.

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