Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday Travel Shot(s)

On the coast of Argentina lies a town called Miramar. Tomas' family has a home there, so we will usually go down for a few long weekends throughout the year. Miramar is also home to a pretty large forested area, El Vivero, and within El Vivero are two of the coolest forests I have ever seen. The first and more famous forest is the Bosque Energetico, or the Energetic Forest. This forest is about a 10 minute drive (inland, and going south) from downtown Miramar. There are many different legends and theories about the Bosque Energetico and no one really knows what is true and what is not. But, what we do know is true is that inside this forest exists some sort of magnetism that brings about balance.

You can balance two sticks in a "T" shape and they will stay there until someone moves them.

You can hold a handstand for an increased amount of time before falling.

These are just two of the instances we experienced when we visited the Bosque Energetico. Next time we are in Miramar, we will go back because one visit is just not enough. I feel like I have more to discover and more to learn.

The trees seem to be pulled by something.
The ones pictured above are still alive and standing...

...while others are not.

The other forest I speak of does not have a name (to my knowledge). This forest is situated right in front of the sea. From the outside all you can see is a wall of dead trees and filling the space between the trees is complete darkness. It's quite spooky. In and around this forest is  "Via Crucis", or in English, The Stations of the Cross.

From the outside looking in...

From the inside looking out...

Miramar, Argentina

*Normally my "Thursday Travel Shot" post is just one photo and a caption stating where the photo was taken. Today I felt like I couldn't post just one photo of these forests and I also could not post these photos without explanation. I find these forests fascinating and hope that you guys enjoyed this post! Anyone know about any other mystical, magical forests? If so, please share!


  1. The balancing sticks remind me of the Blair Witch Project!!!!!

  2. Interesting...but eerie! A perfect setting for a Hitchcock film!
    A. M.


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