Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Can't Travel Without...

Every time Tomas and I take a trip we always forget some sort of travel essential. This time around, I thought that I would type out a list of things I forgot so that I won't forget them in the future. Obviously, depending on your destination and how you're traveling, your travel essentials will vary.

Things I forgot:

-CDs, and lots of them
If you are traveling by car, good music is essential for the car because you can't always depend on the radio. Either the stations play the same music, OR if you are traveling to a remote location, you won't even be able to get radio signal. This trip I only had time to make two CDs, but I wish I had made more, plus brought along my Florida Georgia Line CD because listening to country in the car is a very enjoyable experience.

-Thermos & Yerba Mate
There's nothing better than having a refreshing mate under the shade of a tree, so if your trip involves relaxing outside, you should remember to bring your thermos and your mate.

Without fail, I always forget to wear/bring sunglasses with me. I really don't like wearing sunglasses which is why I find it easy to forget them, but sometimes the blaring sun in summer time just gets to be too much. Plus, I'm 26 now...wrinkles are on my horizon, I'm sure.

-Assortment of medicines
I don't go anywhere without bringing headache or stomach medicine, but I never think to bring common cold medicine. Since you never know when a cold will just creep up on you out of nowhere, it's good to have something on hand. In our case, we were staying in a small town this past weekend which means basically everything is closed on Saturday & Sunday besides gas stations and restaurants. I'm sure if we really searched we could have found one open pharmacy, but the odds really aren't in your favor in these small towns.

-Bug spray
Living in the city it's easy to forget that outside in nature there are bugs and animals. I somehow dodged a bullet this weekend and managed to return back home bug-bite free. Tomas, on the other hand, didn't have such good luck.

-Dog food & flea medicine
I know you guys are thinking this is pretty random, and probably wondering why one of my travel essentials is dog food and flea medicine. Well, once you leave the city and travel through the province (which includes small towns as well as countryside) you find yourself crossing paths with lots of street dogs. As much as I would love to load them all up in the car and bring them back home, it's just not possible. On the hotel grounds there was a skinny mixed breed Boxer wandering around. She looked like she had just had puppies, but there were no puppies anywhere in sight. Anyway, she kept trying to go around the people probably looking for some food, water or affection. Most people are indifferent to the homeless animals, while some will even swat them away. This little sweet pea hung around us for most of the day, and slept in the shade underneath our lounge chairs. I gave her almost all of the water in our 2 liter bottle, and felt a little better knowing that at least she would be hydrated on that very hot day. At the same time I was wishing I had dog food and flea medicine in the car to help her even more, because it just breaks my heart to see those cases. From now on, I'm adding those two things to our travel essentials.

-Phone charger (for Tomas' phone)
Kind of an important one to forget, right? My only explanation for forgetting to pack Tomas' charger is that I don't use my cell phone and I only have to charge it about once or twice a week, so I forget that other people use cell phones and need chargers. (Do you buy that excuse?)

Things I remembered to bring:

If you've ever had the joy of living with me, you know how incredibly knotty my hair is, especially when it is wet. My hair getting out of the shower is quite a sight to be seen. Since we spent most of our time at the pool this weekend, this brush (I own the compact travel size) was a lifesaver.

-Q-tips, cotton pads, hair ties, bobby pins, nail clipper, tweezers
All of the small beauty essentials that normally I manage to forget. I've recycled a Sephora plastic case (which once was home to makeup sponges) and store most of the items mentioned above in there and just transfer the case from bag to bag depending on where I'm going/what I'm doing. I've found this storage method to be really handy. 

-A good book
While I didn't end up reading anything this weekend, it's always nice to have a good book (or two) on hand. This weekend I brought Mockingjay from the The Hunger Games series (Yes, I know. I'm reading The Hunger Games about two years after everyone else) and The Paris Wife.

-Snacks for the road
The day before leaving for our trip I had made a blueberry cake, and since I knew that it would go bad left at home, I brought it with us. I'm actually really proud of myself for that one. I'm usually very bad at remembering to stock the fridge with food or bring snacks on trips.

...And, as usual, I packed WAY too many clothes and shoes. 

What are your travel essentials? I'd love to know if there is anything else I should be packing with me!


  1. If it's a long road trip, I HAVE to bring a bottle of water. Even though I rarely finish it, I know that if I didn't have one I would invariably be the most thirsty I have been in my whole life. For beach trips, special face SPF and a hat!!

  2. A bottle of water is definitely a good call. I usually never finish mine either because I prefer not to have to stop at a gas station to use the usually disgusting bathroom. Although, I have to say that the gas stations off the highway in the province are actually very clean and nice. Do you have any brand recommendations for SPF for the face?


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