Sunday, January 5, 2014

Reunited with the Babes!

On Friday, Tomas and I headed to Ezeiza (a town in the province of Buenos Aires) where Julio, our dog-walker, was taking care of Agatha and Willy while we were on vacation. There they have a garden to lay in and three other dogs to play with, so for them it was a bit of a vacation as well! Originally, I asked Tomas to pick up the dogs by himself because Willy always gets really sick in the car and, naturally, it gives me a lot of anxiety (surprised? haha). But I missed them so much that at the last minute I agreed to go.

When we got there they threw a little fiesta of happiness, then jumped in the car to head home. The ride home was pretty uneventful as Willy only got sick once. This is a record to date.  Apparently the trick is to keep him distracted the whole time, talking to him and scratching his head which tends to relax him a lot. Does anyone else have dogs that get motion sickness? Have any tips for us? We would really like to take the dogs out with us more, but due to this vomiting issue we tend to keep the car rides to a minimum.

This morning we took advantage of the sunny, breezy weather and went to the outdoor kennel with the dogs to run around and play with some friends. I took my new camera along for the outing since I can't seem to stop taking pictures with it (Thanks, Mom & Dad!!).

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