Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday full of love, festive cheer, and food! Last night we went out to church in the late afternoon and in the evening prepared & ate an exorbitant amount of appetizers. Here are some photos from our holiday so far:

Handmade stocking from Etsy, of course.

I made Lemon Ricotta Cookies and Coconut Cinnamon Cookies.
You'll find at least one of these recipes on the blog soon!

Another GORGEOUS sunset

"What'd you forget?"
"Got a light?"
"...Would you light my candle??"
(Anyone get that musical reference?)

A little blurry, but a good effort.

Prep time!

Gregory & Carolyn


Now time for some presents, breakfast, and a refreshing morning walk through the neighborhood! Christmas Besos!!!


  1. is that what all the houses look like in arizona? can i move in?


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