Friday, November 8, 2013

Homemade Body Scrub

I'm a big fan of exfoliation. There's nothing like finding that perfect body scrub. 

The variety of exfoliating scrubs is limited here, so I was ecstatic when I came across a DIY body scrub on Free People's blog. I knew I needed to make my own, as well as share the wealth with others.

I've made this body scrub for myself a few times and have also made this as gifts for friends & family. I really enjoy making homemade gifts and I certainly love receiving them (I hope all of my gift receivers feel the same way!)

This requires only 3 ingredients and you can tailor it to your personal scent preferences!

Hope you guys have fun making this one!
Homemade Body Scrub
Original recipe from Free People

What you'll need:
-A small jar (I've been using leftover Yankee Candle jars in the small 3.7oz size. I find that these small candle jars are the perfect size for gift giving! Do you know how to remove residual wax & clean out a leftover candle jar? See my tips at the bottom of this post!
-Olive oil
-Essential oils (Choose whichever fragrance you'd like. You can even mix a few of your favorite scents!)
-Utensil for mixing (I used a cute little drink stirrer I had on hand. Because who doesn't own a glittery drink stirrer with a golden cat figurine perched on top?)

The Free People recipe suggests a 2:1 ratio: 
2 tablespoons sugar + 1 tablespoon olive oil + 1 drop essential oil

To fill my little 3.7oz candle jar it took:
6 tablespoons sugar + 3 tablespoons olive oil + a few drops essential oil. Free People says to use just one drop of essential oil, but I found that I needed more than that. Just add your oil drop by drop, stirring in between, and stop when you've reached the perfect scent strength.


Gather your materials
Sugar, olive oil, essential oil(s), empty jar(s)
Measuring spoons

Add your 2 tablespoons of sugar
Add one tablespoon of olive oil


Add essential oil
I chose "Relax" & Eucalyptus for one scrub and Honey & Vanilla for another scrub

Continue adding sugar & olive oil in the 2:1 ratio until jar is full, stirring in between additions.
Pack down sugar mixture in the jar & clean around the edges

If making body scrub as a gift, label the jars using some cute stickers.
(Thanks for the cupcake labels, Heather!)

Ready for gift-giving!

Removing leftover wax & cleaning used candle jars:
-Put candle in freezer for about an hour or so. I usually forget about mine and leave it in overnight, or in my current case, 1 week (maybe 2).
-Remove candle from freezer. If there is a layer of wax on the bottom, use a knife to break the wax into pieces and dump into the trash can. If you only have some wax residue in your jar, you won't have to do that.
-Fill your jar with white vinegar and let sit. This is another case where I let it sit much longer than it needs. 
-Empty vinegar out of jar and wash with dish detergent and hot water. 
And there you have it, a clean jar to reuse for many purposes!

Note: Usually I have these empty jars lying around for quite some time, so before I start bottling my body scrub, I usually clean the inside of the jar with some rubbing alcohol and then give it one final wash.

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