Friday, October 18, 2013

Who knew online makeup tutorials were so amazing?!

In recent years, my beauty routine has fallen by the wayside, and my daily makeup is minimal, if not non-existent. Tomas is stuck with me now, so I feel less of a need to impress. (Just kidding, Tomas!) The lifestyle in Buenos Aires is more casual, and I have become quite accustomed to that. Although, I do still enjoy glamming it up from time to time! I have always loved makeup, and used to have quite the collection back in college. But while I did have this incredible makeup collection, I never really knew the proper way of applying makeup. I would just kind of paint it on, and hope for the best.

I've heard about makeup tutorials on YouTube, but I never felt I had the patience to sit down and watch them. I also figured that applying makeup like a pro is just something you're either born with or you're not. I obviously considered myself the latter.

Well, yesterday I was searching for some new blogs to follow on bloglovin', and decided to peruse the beauty section. That's when I found Tanya Burr's wonderfully informative & fun beauty blog and makeup tutorial vlogs. I watched a few yesterday, and this morning I was feeling inspired and decided to give one of her tutorials a shot. I honestly can't believe I was able to accomplish it! The end result is pretty amazing---a complete transformation! A million thanks to Tanya Burr! If you guys haven't heard of her, you definitely need to check out her makeup tutorial vlogs. Plus, she's from the UK and who doesn't love listening to a British accent?

Here is the tutorial that I followed:

And here are some photos of how my makeup turned out, but first starting out with the dreaded "before" photos:

This is what sleeping on wet hair in a pony tail looks like.


15 minutes later...


What do you guys think?

I decided to post this on a Friday in case anyone wanted to try out this tutorial this weekend. The makeup I used was not the same as what Tanya used, but I tried to use all similar colors. I think the only product I used that was the same was the NARS foundation. On the bottom of this post I've included a list of all the products I used to get this look.

Moral of the story: If I can learn how to do my makeup following an online tutorial, anyone can!

Products used:

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Deauville
Regina Cosmetics Polvo Volatil Extra Micronizado
LORAC Take A Brow in Auburn
bareMinerals Eye Shadow in Starlet Karen
bareMinerals Eye Shadow in Bubbly
MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow (Duo) in Odd Couple
Jemma Kid Make Up Define Stay-Put Eyeliner in Pitch
NARS Single Eye Shadow in Night Breed (used as eyeliner)
Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Show Off Mascara in Black
Regina Cosmetics Corrector Cremoso in 200/02
smashbox Bronze Lights in Suntan Matte
NARS Blush in Sin
Regina Cosmetics Sombra Compacta in 700/20
EXTREME by farmacity Lipstick in Watermelon
BOBBI BROWN High Shimmer Lip Gloss in Bellini

^Yes, I know. Those are quite a few products. Definitely not your everyday makeup, but great for date nights & special occasions!

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