Sunday, October 20, 2013

Patterned & Printed Cloth Napkins

In our house paper towels serve two purposes:
1.) For cleaning and 2.) As a napkin substitute

For day to day use, I don't see the need to buy paper napkins when I can get paper towels and use them for cleaning and as napkins. But, when we have guests over to the house it is nice to supply them with something other than a paper towel next to their plate. *Enter cloth napkins*

I think this is one of those things that you start to have an appreciation for once you have your own place and start becoming an "adult." I no longer find myself lusting after clothes, but rather homewares and my latest obsession has been patterned & printed cloth napkins. I love that you can find a special pattern/print for every season, holiday and occasion. It's amazing how something as simple as a napkin can completely transform your dining table aesthetic.

For my birthday, I asked for my first set of linen napkins and have been very excited (maybe overly excited) to use them when guests come over for dinner.

You can find these napkins here (gold) and here (blue).

Some of my other favorite finds & items on my wishlist:

pebbles on oatmeal || block printed linen napkins || juliepeach || etsy

birds and co in brown || block printed cloth napkins || juliepeach || etsy

parisian napkin || terrain

dotted napkin (on sale!) || terrain

moon fragments napkin set (on sale!) || leif

nesting dolls || screen printed organic cloth napkins || oh, little rabbit || etsy

bear riding a bike || screen printed organic cotton cloth napkins || oh, little rabbit || etsy

custom color hand painted dots || linen napkins || Labzazuza || etsy

ladybug || linen napkins || PartyDecorHome || etsy
They also have these adorable puppy printed napkins here.

fern-allium-willow-chrysanthemum-berry branch || linen blend hand printed napkins || windsparrow studio 2 || etsy


  1. I'd send you some....but since you haven't yet (if ever) received the package I sent on 9/16, I'd better leave this to others!!!!!

  2. I love the napkins from Terrain/that entire store in general.


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