Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kitchen Organization & Repurposed Yogurt Jars

Every few months I like to reorganize and rearrange the house. I find that I easily get bored of the appearance of a room and I always think there is a better way to display certain things.
Recently, I took on one corner of the kitchen. Yes, just one corner. Our tiny kitchen is jam-packed, so you have to work in sections to accomplish anything.

The biggest change I made to our storage rack/counter was store all of our spices in glass yogurt jars. I really love buying the yogurt in the glass jars at the health food store. I feel that the glass jar enhances the yogurt-eating experience. But, since they are more expensive than buying regular yogurt in a disposable container, I did not purchase them that often. I'm not sure why it took me so long before I realized that I could convert the jars into the perfect spice jars. The size of the jar is just about the same size as a spice jar you would buy at the store, and the white plastic tops are great for labeling with a Sharpie marker. Storing the spices in this way has made cooking a lot easier, and now I know exactly what I have in stock at all times!

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