Saturday, August 31, 2013

In-house Yarn Bombing

Today was another beautiful winter day (72 degrees to be exact), so I decided to tend to our little garden on the balcony, clean things up a bit and get ready for spring! My creative juices were flowing and I decided I wanted to "yarn bomb" our ficus tree. I had some extra yarn lying around from when I made scarves for Agatha & Willy and there wasn't much else I could do with it, so I took that as my cue to use it to "yarn bomb" our tree.

The first time I ever saw "yarn bombing" was on our honeymoon in Bariloche, Patagonia. Many of the tree trunks in town were covered in bright yarn and colorful crocheted designs. It's very aesthetically pleasing and the trees look so cheerful with their yarn coverings!
"Yarn bombed" telephone booth in Bariloche.
My "yarn bombing" was done on a smaller, simpler scale, but I love how it looks none-the-less. It was a little more difficult than I expected, as the branches I was working with were smaller and closer together, but that just required a little more patience. I didn't mind since I was getting tan in the process.

Take a peek at the finished result below!

My first branch

Finished product...might end up doing some more branches this week though.
Tiny "yarn bombed" flower pot

And the newest addition to my garden:

Picked up this gem during our afternoon in Tigre, Buenos Aires.
Photos of Tigre trip to come soon.

Hope everyone has a beautiful, long weekend! Look forward to a delicious recipe coming Monday morning!


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  1. You make everything look magic!! all colourfull!!!and cute.


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