Sunday, July 1, 2012

Brightening up Invierno

While winter in Buenos Aires isn't especially cold (today it's 63 degrees), the days can be pretty dreary. I've always been a fan of color, and I tend to especially seek it out during these "blah" times.

Mini rainbow bouquet

I bought the flowers above about one month ago. I couldn't believe that such itty bitty flowers (about the size of my pinky nail) could exist in such amazing colors! The girl at the flower stand told me they were real, and I believed her.  She must have seen me coming from a mile away. As it turns out, these are not live flowers as they look the same as they did the day I bought them one month ago. At least I'm getting my money's worth. To this day I still have no idea whether they are fake, whether they are real, dried flowers that are painted, or whether they are magical (at certain times they seem to be more open or closed). I guess I will never know.  Building a mystery.

Nice pose

Doesn't it look like I've got some sort of bright idea?

The photos above are from when Tomas and I went to the Feria de Puro DiseƱo. When you entered the expo, they had this huge colorful light screen that was constantly changing.  Reminded me of Lite-Brite on a GIGANTIC scale.

Glass decanter I found at a nearby bazaar.

I had to snag both of the colors.

I didn't think we would have any use for these bottles, but they were so pretty and you couldn't beat the price- --about $9 each! Turns out we might be using them, as Tomas wants to have a mini bar area in the living room. 

My weekly flower bouquet.

I like to pick up flowers once a week to keep on the dining table. They really seem to brighten up the space and most importantly, they make me happy. Thanks for this week's dose, Tomas!

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