Saturday, June 23, 2012

Foodie Things

I would like to preface this post with: Don't judge me. Below are weeks worth of food photos (we didn't just eat this in one weekend.).

Tomas and I seem to make it our mission to try the newest, best & most different kinds of food in Buenos Aires. In the past few weeks, I've really taken an interest in trying new recipes and visiting restaurants we've never been to before. This week we were supposed to attend the Taste Buenos Aires event and try foods from over thirty different restaurants, but unfortunately we forgot to go. On the bright side, we're probably a few lbs. or kilos lighter. I am actually really hungry as I write this post (that's what I get for trying to eat a salad for lunch), and it is probably not the best idea to write about food now, but I am trying to be productive today and "one blog post" is on my punch list.

Now, feast your eyes on these:

Spicy Seafood Pasta
The spicy seafood pasta was pretty amazing. We picked up fresh pasta from the pasta store down the street, Al Buen Tallarin (The Good Noodle) and instead of using scallops like the recipe called for, we used clams (clams are much cheaper than scallops here). The nice thing about this pasta is that you can make it as spicy as you want. Obviously, Tomas and I added more spice than the recipe called for, chopping up some dried jalapeƱos from one of our three pepper plants. Unfortunately, all three plants are dead now, but we harvested enough peppers in the warmer weather to last us through the winter. This pasta is really easy to make & very hard to mess up. You can find the recipe for this pasta here (Blog: Crispy Bits & Burnt Ends).

Cinnamon Loaf
This baked delight was great while it lasted...Tomas and I ate half a loaf in one day, and the other half was later snagged by Tucu. This was really simple to make, as the ingredients were basic things you keep in your fridge or pantry. Really great as a breakfast or snack bread. You can find the recipe here (Blog: Food For a Hungry Soul). PS- The recipe says to bake for one hour, but my bread only took about 40 minutes, so be sure to check on it regularly.

Grilled Cheese & Pear Sandwich w/ Honey
This is one of my own creations. Can you tell? I used mozzarella cheese because that is what I had in the refrigerator, but this would probably also taste great with brie. The pears are thinly sliced, and the honey is added on top of the sandwich after it is cooked. This could be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Banana Biscotti (for DOGS!)
While these biscotti cookies are made from completely edible ingredients, I wouldn't recommend eating them yourself because they lack flavor, according to Tomas. Yes, he tried them. Agatha loves banana so I figured these would be a hit. It is two weeks later now, and the biscotti cookies are long gone. My only complaint about these is that they turned out VERY hard. Not sure if this is on account of the recipe, or if I kept them in the oven for too long. You can find this recipe, along with a lot of other dog treat recipes at

Food made by other people/establishments:
Dulce de leche filled donut from Magic Donuts.
The donuts from Magic Donuts in Buenos Aires are the best in town, although it's not hard to win that title since they might be the only ones in town. These donuts are the closest I've seen to American donuts in Buenos Aires. They have lots to choose from including, sugar, glazed, icing, or filled. The filled ones are superior, including fillings of dulce de leche, chocolate, cream, raspberry, and lemon custard. I discovered this place when I first moved to Buenos Aires on one of my exploring walks, but at the time I didn't realize how close it was to our apartment. I now know that is it a breezy four blocks. They also offer iced coffee, which is an added bonus.

Lamb Brochette @ Sarkis.
There used to be a time when I didn't eat baby animals (i.e. lamb or veal). Then I moved to Buenos Aires and that went out the window. After hearing so many rave reviews about Sarkis, an Arabic/Armenian restaurant, Tomas and I decided to go one Saturday night. The place opens at 8pm, and if you don't get there by 8:05pm, be prepared to wait in an hour (or more) long line outside. We started out with small plates to share including hummus, roasted red peppers, stuffed grape leaves, some kind of bean dish and some kind of rice dish. I wish I knew the actual names of the dishes. Anyone have any knowledge of Arabic/Armenian food? I would love to learn what those plate are actually called. Also, I apologize for not having any pictures of those plates. They were just THAT appetizing that I couldn't wait to take photos and then eat. After the starters, we probably could've have called it a night. We were SO full. But, we powered through and shared the lamb brochette, which was nothing short of excellent. For five starter plates, an entree, a bottle of wine, and water: $180 pesos. You can't beat that. 

Empanadas from our spot: El Imperio del Sabor
These are the best empanadas (canastita style) you will ever eat. And you never get tired of them. I know this from experience.

Are you sick of food by now? Thinking of skipping dinner? Or did I just make you more hungry, and want to come visit & eat with me in Buenos Aires?

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