Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bracelet Binge

Recently I've been browsing fashion blogs and doing some online "window" shopping, and can't help but notice all the fun jewelry that's out now. I keep forgetting that it's almost summer back in the US, while in Argentina, the cold weather keeps making me think that Christmas is on its way.

This past weekend I finally cracked, and went on a bit of a bracelet binge. First, I stopped at Avenida Santa Fe (the shopping area nearest to my apartment) and found these neon delights.

 The following day, Tomas and I went to Palermo to check out the Feria Puro Diseño. At this indoor expo you could find designers of all sorts, and everything from clothing to home decor. Some of the things were really interesting, while other seemed to be things that you could find at any mall, but here they were charging more money. My favorite part of the fair was the jewelry, where I picked up some more bracelets.
Peace, evil eyes, & a cross.

Wrap bracelet with charms.
These are very popular in Argentina now,
as are any bracelets adorned with fringe, pom poms or bows.

The peace sign and wrap bracelet are both from a store called Las Floridas.

A little more sophisticated...
This bracelet is from the designer Virginia Kuroski.
She also had some pretty amazing gigantic velvet bow headbands.

While I wouldn't say the $30 peso entrance fee to Puro Diseño was worth it (overall),  I did find the jewelry I was looking for.

In the cyber world, I've discovered two new jewelry sites:
Bauble Bar - Really cute accessories & affordable! They just introduced these "beach sets" which are themed (for example: Miami, Cape Cod, etc.) and for $80 you get a pair of alpargata shoes and three pieces of jewelry. 

Lowlita & you - I first saw these fun bracelets on the blog, Seams for a Desire. When I did some further research, I found that they only had a blog and a facebook page, and I didn't think it was possible to order any. Now (a few days later), they have just introduced their website! And, it looks like they will ship internationally!

Has anyone shopped these sites before? If you need a jewelry fix, I think these will do the trick!

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