Saturday, June 2, 2012

Barrio Chino

Barrio Chino is the Spanish translation of "Chinatown." I think Barrio Chino is probably my favorite part of Buenos Aires. Maybe I should just move to China......just kidding.

Entrance to Barrio Chino

Last weekend Tomas and I went to Barrio Chino to do some shopping and try out a new place for dinner. Every time we go to Barrio Chino we go to a different restaurant. I'd like to try them all by the end of the year. What can I say? I am a foodie. At least I have goals.

Before dinner, we shopped the bazaars and went to this great supermarket, Ichiban. Finding special or imported food products in Buenos Aires can be almost impossible if you don't know about Barrio Chino. We stocked up on interesting spices, teas, unique juices (I got coconut water and lychee juice), and of course, peanut butter. Yes, I have to go to the Chinatown of Buenos Aires to get peanut butter.
A lovely tea of verbena, chamomile, & clementine tea.

Take note of the last line:
"Especially calming after yoga or when writing peaceful thoughts."
I guess I should be drinking this while I write this blog.

 After a successful supermarket sweep, we stopped in some bazaars. I picked up some necessary (well, maybe not necessary) items for the table, some funny cat earrings, and nail art. About a month ago, I learned of this nail artist, Naomi Yasuda. She does some really interesting nail art that has recently gotten the attention of celebrities. On her website I saw this one design that I stay tuned for my attempt at it.
My nails are obviously not going to look as good,
so don't get your hopes up for the final result.

Some sushi & tea accessories for when we order delivery.
I think all of this cost $13. Can't beat that.

After shopping we decided to have a little street appetizer before going to dinner. We stopped at one of the Vietnamese kiosks that sells food on sticks. Basically you can get a kebab of chicken, seafood, beef, or pork and then they slather it in the sauce of your liking. 

I got the chicken w/ sweet & sour.

Tomas got seafood with hot sauce.
Definitely not the best combo.

Afterwards we went to a restaurant called Palitos which means "chopsticks" in Spanish. The ambience was great and service was pretty fast.

The place was packed on this Saturday night.

We sat next to a table of Chinese people.
I think that's a good sign.

For dinner we ordered a typical pork and fried rice dish and a gigantic bowl of Vietnamese soup. What makes it Vietnamese? I don't know, but it was spicy and consisted of pork & noodles. They also bring you a plate of fresh chopped carrots, cabbage, and peppers to add to your soup. And, as a final touch you are supposed to squeeze lemon on top. Delicious. Actually, Tomas and I loved it so much that we decided to recreate it at home the next day!

Before adding the veggies.

And after.

Looking at these pictures of the soup are making me hungry! We need to go back ASAP.

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