Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Montevideo in Photos: Part 2

Part 2 is mostly food photos. Do you think we ate enough?

Mercado del Puerto: Old market that now houses several fish and bbq restaurants.
It seems that all of Montevideo congregates here to eat on Saturday afternoons.

We chose this place: L'amitie.

Not getting many opportunities to eat fish in Buenos Aires,
we took full advantage of what the Mercado del Puerto had to offer.
Mejillones al perejil y gambas aji.


One litro and a couple glasses of Medio y Medio later...

Caminando por Ciudad Vieja...

We wanted another Medio y Medio, so we stopped in this bar...
well it was half a bar...

...half a bait shop. Nice business. We were then served the "original" Medio y Medio, which apparently is not a mixture of white wine and sparkling wine, but rather red vermouth and caƱa. Moments later we realized we had no money to take the bus back to where we where staying, so the nice owner gave us 40 Uruguayos for the bus.
Montevideo is just full of saints.

On our way back we were craving something sweet,
 so we stopped at Cake's in Pocitos.

They were delicious.

The day of our departure we decided to try La Pasiva's famous hot dogs...for breakfast. I ordered one covered in cheese (bun and all), while Tomas opted for pancetta wrapped.

All in all, I am definitely a huge fan of Montevideo.


  1. 1) I am going to try medio y medio this weekend.
    2) Uruguay currency is called uruguayos? That is so creative.

  2. I love that you didn't have enough money for the bus ride back, but you budgeted for cake... sounds about right.


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