Saturday, May 5, 2012

Everyday is Agatha's Day

Well last Monday was El Dia de los Animales here in Argentina. I didn't know until half way through the day that is was a special animal holiday, but Agatha spent the day just like any other day......eating treats, laying on the futon, getting brushed, and hanging out with her friends at the park. Just kidding, she has no friends.

After Animal Day, I was inspired to take some new pics of my Tomas' furry companion. Here she is in all her glory, on the futon & in the bed.

Look at that form!

baby teeth

Agatha's on the futon and I'm on the floor. What's wrong with this?


getting the hang of being a model

Lazy Saturday with Noodles

morning stretch before starting the day

Merry Weekend!

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