Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lions & tigers & goats, Dios mio!

I have been sick for the past week and was tired of being cooped up in the house for any longer, so yesterday Tomas and I  took a day trip to Zoo Lujan.  Lujan is about an hour drive west of Buenos Aires. Tomas had seen online that you could pet the animals at this zoo, so obviously we were sold.

Zoo Lujan wasn't like any zoo I had ever been to in my life. The zoo mostly consisted of goats, ponies, lions, tigers, a handful (or a barrel) of monkeys, three sea lions, and an elephant. While all of the animals are caged, the visitors are able to interact with basically any animal at the zoo. Whether you want to let goats lick feed out of your hand or comb the mane of a full grown lion, Zoo Lujan is your oyster.

Tomas and I opted for something in the middle. We decided to join the line to hold the baby tigers. Relaxing on a bed of hay were three precious baby tigers. Also in the cage with the baby tigers were four puppies. For those of you who have a dog and are wary about getting a cat or the other way around, rest assured. The tigers and the pups got along just fine. In another area there was a dog cohabiting with about five or six full-grown lions. It was a pretty crazy sight. I wish I was able to take a good photo to post here. Maybe next time. I think I definitely have to go back to this zoo, as I still need to make friends with a Capuchin monkey and feed a banana to an elephant.
My first tiger experience!

He started to get a little feisty...

...but he soon found comfort in Tomas' lap.

Nap time

Snack time!

Befriending the goats

Tomas really has a way with animals

Recuerdo de Zoo Lujan

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